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A beautiful home just went up for sale in Lake Highlands! It will be very interesting to watch this sell as spring approaches!
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It is Texas Independence Day! Check out the many ways to celebrate!
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The Cowboys great Emmitt Smith is getting back into the real estate business!
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5G is coming to the Metroplex by the end of 2018!
Glamour and luxury are highlighted in the Metroplex\’s weekend real estate round up.
Bathroom remodels are often a great way to increase your home\’s value but can also be an expensive undertaking. Check out 5 tips to prevent money from going down the drain in your remodel!
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Selena Gomez has listed her DFW Metroplex home again!
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Even though our Cowboys didn\’t make it this year, we can still enjoy watching the Eagles lose. Check out the best Super Bowl watch parties across the city this weekend!
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The University Interscholastic league realignment is going to be announced tomorrow. How will this affect Lake Highlands High School?
Let’s see how long this listing in Lake Highlands stays on the market as January wraps up.
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There’s a lot going on in Lake Highlands this weekend
Stay updated on the the neighborhood! This is just one of the amazing listings in Lake Highlands.
Our Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominees for their 2nd annual Community and Business Awards
Yogurtland is opening in Lake Highlands later this month!
Remodeling your kitchen? Make it beautiful with these tips from Better Homes and Gardens!
Celebrate national pie day with free pie at Norma’s cafe
Here’s a taste of the market in Lake Highlands right now, see all the listings in your area to stay up to date!
Retail trends are impacting Lake Highlands real estate
Stay up to date on what’s happening in your local housing market. This is a gorgeous listing in Lake Highlands
The benefits of owning a home in Lake Highlands go beyond financial
Should you fix up your Lake Highlands neighborhood home before listing it or do our competitive market conditions allow you to sell it as is?
On the fence about buying a home? Check out these 8 benefits of home ownership
Open House – 5018 Ridgewood Dr. Johnstown!
Lake Highlands is connected to the rest of the metroplex from our Lake Highlands Station
It’s a new year in Lake Highlands with new listings all the time. This is the latest of the beautiful homes here!
Bike sharing may be soon coming to Lake Highlands
Want to leave Lake Highlands without driving on New Year’s Eve? There are many transportation choices to get around the metroplex, some of which are free
New restaurants have popped up in Lake Highlands recently!
December is an interesting month for Real Estate. This house was just listed in Lake Highlands, I wonder what the market has in store
Lake Highlands receives top marks on websites such as
There’s no place like Lake Highlands for the holidays. This list has Texas written all over it!
Our Lake Highlands neighborhood is one of the best in Dallas. Check out this guide on us from D Magazine
Zeke returns to the ’Boys ready to push us into the playoffs
Beautiful home in Lake Highlands recently listed in our competitive market!
Houston in 90 minutes from the Metroplex via public transportation? The Texas bullet train has moved closer to becoming reality
Tis the season in Lake Highlands! Check out these festive decor ideas that will impress all y’all’s guests
Weekly open houses in Lake Highlands! Attending one of these is a great look into our neighborhood market but if you can’t attend, feel free to contact me for market insights
Would y’all like to see Tony Romo take over as the Dallas Cowboys head coach? Jerry Jones weighs in on the possibility
No matter where you are there are great light. These are the best places to see Christmas lights around Dallas
A great Lake Highlands home just went up for sale in the neighborhood! It’s going to be interesting watching this home sell in our competitive market
Are you updated about the Lake Highlands market? These are the listings near our neighborhood right now
Check out the most expensive North Texas ranches and estates that have been on the market this year in
Look into the benefits of solar panels. Enter your Dallas Lake Highlands address in the link below to find out the costs and savings off your energy bill from installing solar panels on your roof
There are many great open houses in Lake Highlands this weekend! Check them out in the link below
A man missing from our Lake Highlands neighborhood as been found
Do you have any questions? This is something that stumps most home buyers. Here are 15 plus questions to ask during your home buying process to make sure you’ve covered all your bases
Serendipity labs is coming to Dallas
Accessory Dwelling Units: They’re considered a great home improvement project that can add value, and some extra income. But, there are also costs to consider when you decide whether to build one into your house
The Lake Highlands North Recreation Center is a great place to get a workout in this weekend without leaving the neighborhood
Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners look to seal a playoff birth in a rematch with TCU in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, This could be the biggest game in DFW this year
Closing on a home – It can be really unclear sometimes and the reason for delays can be elusive. Here are 14 key things to know about the home buying process so you can know exactly when your closing date will be
Zillow is predicting low inventory is going to have a major impact on real estate markets in 2018, especially in places that attract millennials such as the Lake Highlands neighborhood
Wondering how to shop at a Metroplex area Costco without a membership?
Open houses always give insight into what’s happening in our neighborhood’s real estate market. If you can’t make it to any this weekend, contact me for more opportunities!
Almost 95% of all home searches today begin on the Internet. Jumping into the home buying experience often feels like a whirlwind but, this is a great place to catch up. Here are 9+ helpful tips for first time home buyers or if you just need a refresher!
Check out Sam Wylie’s mansion in nearby Highland Park
Want to capture fall’s hygge in your home even while it is still warm in Texas?
There are some great open houses in the neighborhood this weekend! If you can’t make it, feel free to contact me
Lake Highlands’ football team looks to continue their winning streak in the first round of the playoffs tomorrow!
The Wall Street Journal thinks Dallas is the best choice for Amazons new headquarters
The Wall Street Journal thinks Dallas is the best choice for Amazons new headquarters
Which home makeover projects make the most financial sense?
Open houses are always fun! Here are some in the neighborhood this weekend!
Trails are being improved in Lake Dallas, next up, improving retail!
Is the Real Estate Market hot or cold? Is it a buyers or sellers market? You don\’t have to be an expert to know the best time of year to buy a home. Find out here!
Is the Real Estate Market hot or cold? Is it a buyers or sellers market? You dont have to be an expert to know the best time of year to buy a home. Find out here!
Lake Dallas is going to improve trails and retail. Click the link below to find out more!
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